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Question about deliveries and being late

Hey everyone,
I recently got my first order (woohoo!). I put a 24 hour deadline for the project, and completed it about 2-3 hours after receiving the order. It’s now marked in my orders page as ‘delivered’ as opposed to late.

Problem is, the buyer still hasn’t accepted it. It’s been over a day since I got the order. I have talked to them since then, and made a second delivery with revisions, but the gig says the delivery was due on ‘about 13 hours ago’ as of writing this.

My question is - will this count as late even though I submitted the first delivery within the timeframe? It seems unfair that this would happen considering the buyer is the one delaying the process - and quite drastically as well.


No. You’re good, it is not late as long as you delivered your first delivery within the time frame.

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No need to worry as long as you are not seeing the red mark ‘LATE’ itself, ‘about (something) hours ago’ is normal. It doesn’t count as being late as long as you delivered the order before the due. Make sure to hit the green deliver again button when you are redelivering, not just attaching the file as a message because it will not stop the timer. Give your buyer sometime to review your delivery, never force them to accept it and beg to give you 5 star rating it’ll just piss them off and maybe give you a poor rating instead. The best thing to do is to impress them with the quality of your service. Congratulations on your first order! Keep it up!!!

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Thanks for your reply. Good to know I’m worrying needlessly!

Thanks for your advice and encouragement! That’s a relief - I have used the button to redeliver, luckily, and I’ll keep an eye out for the buyer’s response. Fingers crossed!