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Question about delivery time


I’ve recently launched my gig offering Instagram Growth Campaigns.
Here is my question:
I sell 3 different packages. 30 days, 20 days, and 10 days. So my Duration is set accordingly.

However my ‘Delivery Time’ is set to 3 days, as that is how long it takes me to do research on the clients profile and to setup the campaign. Thus, I am marking the gig as delivered once I BEGIN the campaign.

However, I have noticed other sellers are setting their ‘Delivery Time’ to match their campaign duration (ie 10 days, 20 days, or 30 days) and instead they are marking their orders as delivered AT THE END of their campaigns.

What do you guys think is the better option?



In my opinion you should put in the delivery time what it actually takes you to finish the job along with the time it takes you to investigate the customer’s profile, as a problem may arise during that time when you have “finished” the order, you should place it in this way to protect yourself and your customer from any problems.

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I totally agree with this. If you set your delivery time to 3 days but the package covers 30 days, you are opening yourself up to bad reviews, chargebacks, Support-backed cancellations and possibly gig denial for false delivery times.

Some buyers see a short delivery time as a positive, but if they know you are providing a longer term service, this shouldn’t be an issue. I would set your delivery times to match your packages. Note - you could get an instagram gig denied easily anyway since Fiverr is harsh on social media gigs. Anything you do that makes it more iffy is a risk.