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Question About Digital Products, Copyright, and more!

Hi There!

I have my own website where i’m selling my digital products (an ebook series), however, I wanted to also sell these on fiverr!

My question is this:

1.) Can i sell my ebook series on fiverr AND my website? (i.e. does my digital product have to be exclusive to fiverr?)

2.) If i sell my ebook on fiverr, do i still retain the rights to my intellectual property? It’s not a service so I don’t believe my clients would have the right to distribute or re-sell my products.

Thanks so much for any information you guys can give me about this. I just want to make sure everything i do is on the up and up! :slight_smile:


I’ll let the Fiverr support staff answer your first query but as for your second query, you do retain your IP rights, theoretically speaking, although practically speaking, the onus of protecting yourself from IP violations rests on your shoulders. This applies all over the internet, not just Fiverr, since the digital product has no tracking mechanism and individual actions cannot be controlled. If someone decides to take your product and start relaying it to others by shortchanging you, it’s just the cost of doing business or badluck, depending on how you look at it. I’ve lost thousands of dollars to people stealing my digital content and selling it to their clients as their own.

I’ve been selling digital products elsewhere myself (Wordpress themes and plugins) and I’m yet to see any system which protects IP rights of digital products, except maybe the Youtube system which has an algorithm which protects music from being stolen. Once a digital product is delivered to the customer, we are effectively at their mercy.

Have al look at this video of the Copyright Zone Guys
"" and ALL the questions you ever had about copyrights etc. will be answered.
Copy and paste the url in your browser.

Thanks for the response!

I’ll await more information on the specifics about whether i can sell on both with no issues.

I just want to know if they can LEGALLY re-sell my product after they’ve purchased it on fiver. If that makes sense.

Fiverr’s Terms of Service state that, after the sale, all the rights are transferred to the buyer, unless clearly stated otherwise in the Gig description.

You can go to the Terms of Service page, and scroll down to “Ownership” (and 'Commercial Use License" after that) for the full explanation.

thanks so much!

I’ve put that information in my gig description. <3

This thread is almost 5 years old - no need to revive necro threads just to post something in the forum. The guy already got his answers anyways as seen above.