Question about Email Response Times


I am a little unclear as to how email response times are calculated. Do I need to reply to every message I receive in my inbox, or does the response time only get calculated for messages I do respond to?

For example, if I have been communicating with someone but the conversation has ended, does the final email get counted somehow in response time calculations? Also, do messages from Fiverr support count against response times in any way if I do not need to reply to the message?

Thanks in advance for the help!


“Responsiveness measures how quickly you respond to a new conversation. It’s displayed as a monthly average.” .

Taken from the fiverr faqs.

And by support messages, do you mean the messages in the support tickets? No they are not counted.


Thanks for the quick response! And I love your Hitman avatar pic :slight_smile:

The specific sender I was referring to as support is actually the editors_picks address. I got a message from there today about an upcoming category feature. It doesn’t apply to my specific gigs, though, so I didn’t have anything to say back to them. I just wanted to make sure I’d be okay not to respond to that message. Thanks again!


Haha. You’re the first person to recognize the Hitman in 3 years.

And yes you don’t need to reply to those messages. They are just for information.

Also beware of some people claiming to be from fiverr support and asking you to remove your gigs or clicking suspicious links.

In that case report them immediately.


Hitman is one of my favorite game franchises, so I recognized it immediately, haha.

Thanks again for the help!


Does the response time clock begin counting down when the message is sent to you, or when you log in?


Reply to @sara1984: When it is sent to you. Otherwise it wouldn’t affect the people who are logged out of fiverr for a month or so.


Reply to @sara1984: When the msg is sent the time starts no meter when you log in.


Reply to @sara1984: When the msg is sent the time starts no meter when you log in.



I’m surprised I have a one hour response time given that most of the people who message me are American, and do so when I’m asleep.