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Question about "Fiverr 3.0"

So as you are all well away the search function has changed to a more “matching” system.

In the thread where the dude talks about it he says and I quote…

“The good news is that this new system is actually a lot more forgiving than the old “SEO/rank” system. Even if you drop the ball performance wise, all it takes is just a tiny spark to get things going again.”

I was wondering how this is known for certain. I HAVE dropped the ball slightly the past few weeks. I’m going to start replying rapidly, delivering WAYY before deadline and build more of a genuine connection with buyers.

I just ask is this true? Will a few weeks of drastically improving my customer experience bring the sales back in again?

I’m really worried as I need this platform to survive. And although Im am lucky enough to still be getting sales. They have dropped significantly in the past few days. I worry that I may not be able to sustain myself with fiverr any more and will have to quit and go get a job that pays significantly less.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Tom

I wonder why you would not post this in the 3.0 thread. I also wonder if you read the OP in that thread as it carefully explains that this is only a Theory and not a proven fact.

It seems the real issue tho is your own situation so maybe another thread is right - altho a title that indicates what is inside would have been far more appropriate than this one which effectively becomes clickbait, whether intended that way or not.

Well, it seems that you have had success. At a level that most here never achieve. Two to be precise.

A “fierce fixation” eh. Well, that kinda really makes me wonder with my point above if you are so fiercely fixated on professional-quality writing that your post should be so, um, ambivalent in direction. Maybe you are just aggravatingly awash with angst and that means that you are not regularly as dual as this. If you are, that may be a thing.

I note all your Gig images appear to be exactly effectively the same. I thought that a no-no. Maybe not. it is a strong style that is in theory good. Altho in places like this, I note a distinct lean away from anyone who presents in a manner that is in keeping with true professionalism, like your nice photo, a consistent style in your Gigs, and that Level 2 that I have a sneaky suspicion that the unwashed masses see as a badge of “too expensive, too good for me”.

I have also seen few people who have been doing well take a dive. My assumption, that a few have suggested as a fair one, is that the bubble burst. A task or thing (like Avocado at Farmer’s Markets) is all the rage for a while and people grow into that bubble then as tho it is the new normal. The bubble bursts.

You indicate tho that you lost focus and that affected how the Fiverr-bot saw your service (oh how we hate to be seen and judged on who we really are). Well, you say that you have your fingers out where they belong so if that is what done you in then surely your undoing will be undone once the bot believes you are fabulously fiercely fixated again. I say that on the assumption that the bot does not carry a grudge past its “window”.



It is not. And Frank mentioned it many times on that topic that it’s his point of view and observations not a fact


The Fiverr algorithm used for “gig ranking” can be manipulated easily so your gigs appear on the first page. They try to improve it, fix this with patches or redesign it.
In this process, many seller’s gig might shuffle and it is presented like a fresh start for everyone. A reset.