Question about fiverr commission including paypal charges


I want to provide postcard mailing services to clients on fiverr. The total service charges include the following fees

Design Service cost (My own service)

Printing cost (External vendor direct cost)

Mailing address purchase cost (My own service)

Postage costs (Postal service cost)

If I quote a buyer a price for a total package price, it will include the printing company costs + postage costs.

Does fiverr charge me commission for the entire order amount? Or only for my service costs? My own services are performed on my computer and I am willing to split the costs by paying fiverr a commission for my personal services only.

If fiverr charges me commission for postage costs and printing costs to the external vendor, then no buyer will order this gig from me on fiverr. I will raise the cost of postcard delivery services by 25% to pay fiverr commission in total.

I am not sure why anyone would want to order a product on fiverr given that you have to raise your prices by 25% to pay for fiverr commission.

Can someone educate me about what portion of your services fiverr charges commission on if we have to buy services and supplies from external vendor to fulfill customer order and add that external vendor costs to the total order price for fiverr customer?


Thank you madmoo for your reply. If fiverr is going to charge commission on the entire amount including postage costs, then the buyer has to pay 61.5 cents for postage instead of 49 cents regular price. As a seller I will not pay buyer’s postage cost. I will lose money on the deal and it won’t work.

Buyer would be crazy to order this gig from me on fiverr. He can save 20% and get it done cheaper outside. So this gig will be a No Go for me. Thanks.


Thanks again for your feedback madmoo. I wish you the best in your business.