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Question about fonts

I offer web design services.

Is it okay to mention the fonts I’m using in a .txt file and simply add the link so that the buyer can download them by themselves if they wish?


It’s okay, but if we talk of webfonts usually there is no need to download the font (they are served through css or script).


Hello, that’s an interesting question but there is no reason someone would need to do that unless they are going to be making a logo themselves or some other design job where they need to see the complete download of a font.

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People need fonts for downloading only for software that they are using offline. Like Microsoft office, photoshop, illustrator etc…

For websites, no need, as like pacquo said, they are already in the script


I’m delivering web design done with Adobe XD - they receive the source files. That is why I ask about fonts.

Generally web design is done with some standard fonts. I still don’t see why they would need to download them. Even if you made some headers with some unusual fonts, why would they need to download them? That’s not part of what people usually get with a web design.

Edit: I looked at your web design gig. People will be thinking you will make them a website probably when you are actually only giving them a design for a website. You should let them know in the gig description that you are not offering to make them a website. Your gig is titled “I will design a nice website” which made me think you actually make the website.


:arrow_up: This. Combined with the fact that isn’t possible to convert an Adobe XD file directly into CSS/HTML.

@pacquo What should a site designer use that can be directly converted to html/CSS?

If you find that you start getting clients asking what fonts you used for the website design, maybe it would be beneficial to start including the list (there shouldn’t be any issues with linking them to the website to purchase). However, I wouldn’t go creating additional work for yourself if clients don’t particularly need that info.

Dreamweaver (Adobe) can extract some information from a psd file (sizes, fonts, colors/gradients) but you’re left with all the rest of the work. I’m not a fan of this kind of approach.

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I offer the same service however there is no need to do that because you serve everything to user up front. It’s not like any service in whcih you need to give orginal copy etc so everything is visible to buyer.

Converting Adobe XD to CSS HTML Java is extremely easy using 'Web Export" get the plugin here by Velara 3

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