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Question About Gig Activation

I have two gig but only one gig is showing Active status. Other is neither in active nor in paused. when i paused both of Gigs my active gig status is -1 .Now what i can do for activation both of my gigs?

Hey there,

In order to re-activate your gigs, goto your gigs -> paused and activate them again.

If your 2nd gig is neither in active nor in paused then it must be in drafts. Check it out there.

Hope it helps.

no, it is also not in draft

Both are in active but number of gig showing wrong.( Active 1 ). and also not getting impression and views.

Umm, thats odd. I haven’t seen such a thing before. Maybe, anybody else can help you here. Or make a CS ticket if none could help you.

Thanks brother (Y) :slight_smile:


Contact Fiverr customer support team.

Yeah Sure :slight_smile: Thanks :blush: