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Question About Gig Editing

Hi Everyone, I’m relatively new to Fiverr, I’ve been actively selling since February. I have a question that has probably been asked and answered before, but I couldn’t find the answer after a quick search of the forum, so I’ll ask it again.

I’m poised to advance from New Seller to Level One in a few days, and I want to increase my prices (just slightly). When I edited my gigs to the new prices, it erased all of my reviews, and my Order Completion, Response Rate, and On-Time Delivery stats reset to zero. I changed my prices back, and the stats returned. I know that the visibility of my gigs relates to my stats, but I’m not sure how exactly that works.

My question: Is there a way to edit prices without affecting your seller stats? If my stats are reset, how badly will that affect my gig visibility?

Thank you,
Adam Zimmerman

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You probably just had to refresh the page one or more times. Sometimes viewing a profile can omit the reviews and refreshing the page (F5) can re-display them.

Probably the same thing with the completion stats. Changing your prices should have had no effect on them. If they went to 0 you could try refreshing the page (analytics/dashboard stats might go zero or N/A if you have no deliveries/messages within the last 60 days).

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