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Question about gig info: days average delivery time

Hi, I had my first gig! I am a seller. I was wondering when the “days average delivery time” starts counting. Is it when you first get a message from somebody, when you make an offer, when the offer is accepted, or when they make a PayPal payment? I would like to know because if it is one of the earlier ones, I would need to know so I can get it submitted as soon as possible. If it is when the PayPal is sent, I will wait more until then. I am thinking it is earlier on because my delivery time (on only one gig) is 2 days, but it was only about 6 hours after the PayPal was sent, which is what I had assumed.

many thanks!


Hi! I’ve wondered about that number for “average delivery time” too. From what I can see, the stated “average delivery time,” is always my highest delivery time of the gig, so, the delivery time of the premium gig option, for some reason, instead of, like you’d assume, the average.
So, if my gig has 1 days for basic, 5 days for standard and 7 days for premium, it shows 7 as average delivery time, for a gig with 3/7/10 days, it shows 10 days as average delivery time :woman_shrugging:

Most of my gigs are via custom offer, so it would be a weird coincidence if the actual average delivery time would be the same as the delivery time for the premium package for all gigs, but I guess it’s possible.

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