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Question about gig pictures

Hey, so I’ve been looking at some gigs and notice so many people have these nice pictures as their gig cover - like, professional pictures that I’d find on Google. The pictures I’m using I’ve taken myself because I was a bit confused about what pictures we’re allowed to use for our gigs… (didn’t know if there is a copyright issue or something)

So because of all these nice pictures I have a question: are we allowed to use images off Google for our gig pic or is it just that these people with nice gig pictures are really good photographers/got a good photographer? If it’s the later then I’ve gotta up my game haha :rofl: Thanks in advance for those who can help.


Hi @gigas869,
I hope this helps -

Have a good day! :slight_smile:


You can create by own or collect image copyright free image from google from advance settings. if a image use that shows copyright issue your picture will need to change. Otherwise gig must be deleted by own.


Using your own photos is actually a good thing :slight_smile:
You’ll have a better chance for standing out, but the photos actually has to mean something and it should promote your service.

Your current photos are low quality and I’m not sure what air plane has to do with translation :slight_smile:
I went through the translation category and I have to admit there weren’t a lot of good examples.
If I was you I would

  • take a template from
  • replace the photo with your own profile photo (not a passport photo, something casual :smiley: )
  • Change the text so it clearly states what you do
  • don’t group 5 languages under one gig
  • since translation category is obsessed with flags I would add 2 flags on it representing the languages you translate

And of course even a better option would be using a video where you speak both languages :wink:


He is right, no copyright infringement = GOOD gig images, no worries


Thank you so much for reviewing my gig! Yeah my pictures definitely aren’t high quality, I’m just not very good with professional photography so I just put some of the pictures I’ve taken myself… :sweat_smile:

The point of my gig was to act as a one stop shop where I translate several things at a lower price, which is why I put the flags. But if a single translation gig would be better then I’ll work around that (I thought maybe a multilingual translation service would be unique, but it may not be what people are looking for?)

Thanks again for the tips. I really appreciate it! :grinning:

You can design with free stock images to get a beautiful gig


what is ur suggestion about fiverr gig images??

There aren’t many buyers who need translation in multiple language. Maybe eCommerce businesses.
It will be better to have a separate gig for each language so that you can add the language in the gig title, cover photo and gig description. I would even recommend writing a few sentences in the language you offer. Not the entire description, just a few lines to close out the description :wink:

So your gigs would be

  • English <> French
  • English <> Spanish

Try to add examples to your portfolio. So one cover photo and a few images of translated text to showcase the quality.

Look at the top rated gigs. Don’t copy them, but take some ideas :wink:


@gigas869 if you want a logical answer :wink:and want win win position, you must follow @uxreview.

Well that is definitely a big help. I’m not very familiar with the community around here as you can see, so it’s good to know now that most of the translation work is just bilingual. Once again - thank you so much for your detailed response and help!