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Question about gig revisions

I do watercolor illustrations mostly and the revisions I offer at at sketch phase. I usually send the pencil sketch and maybe a small color for confirmation. But too many times the client changed his mind when seeing the final artwork and asked me to change things. [even if its almost impossible on a hand painted illustration but I can manage to do it]

The thing is if they should cost money or not. If I tell the client “only 3 free revisions, the rest cost money” they tell me “well I paid for the illustration but I dont like it. I want you to change it to my liking so I dont see why i should pay more”

2 years on fiverr and still dunno how to respond to that. I usually hope clients wont ask the impossible from me , just minor changes. But I also had these clients demanding me to redraw the whole thing and then they still didnt like it and left a 3 star review.

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A sketch should be enough for a revision. If you’re only adding color and making a few final changes then there’s no excuse to ask for a complete rework after delivery.

Usually this can be avoided if you remind them this multiple times. (In a polite manner of course :slight_smile: )
If that doesn’t help then you have to decide if your time is worth it or not. You have enough reviews to take a few bad ones every once in a while.


Thanks! Will keep in mind :slight_smile:I only had a few demanding clients, lucky me. To one of them I gave a refund after working for weeks on something. It was a waste of time .