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Question about giving too much information in a gig

So, new gig just was ordered, and part of it is working with the buyer to optimize the end result mine is thoroughly developing a game concept, but I suppose this could cross into the territories of logos, sound design, game boosting, etc. A question did cross my mind, however; can the buyer cancel the order (without any reprecussions) if they already got enough information from cooperative work, and if so, how common is this, and what are tips to avoid it? The gig is a passion and I want to make sure it’s a great result, but I also don’t want to be manipulated and potentially give everything for nothing.

Consulting is a risky field on Fiverr. Any gig where you’re not giving the buyer a clear deliverable is ripe for exploitation.

I like your FAQ section, but there was no mention of what does or does not count as a revision. Any particular reason you used Hallow Knight as a gig image?

I noticed you’ll deliver a zip file to mark the completion of the gig, and that you (attempt) regular communication with the buyer. This should help mitigate some of the risk, but, sadly, every seller on this platform deals with the risk of a cancellation. Some deal with it by notifying the buyer that if the order is canceled, the seller will publish and/or post the work themselves. This is more prevalent for gigs like article writing, but it’s still something to consider.

As for other tips, I did mention that revision definition. (Please see (FAQ) points 1, 2, 3.) And as for an image to help sell the point of the gig, what about something that can be identified at a glance like “enemy attack movement/pattern concept sketch”.

It’s otherwise a very nice gig with a good description. :+1:

Thanks for the thorough feedback and review, and thanks for pointing out that sort of failsafe other writers use. I will see how I can adapt something like that into my own gig. To answer your question regarding your image, it is due to really not having an initial idea of what else to put up. However I really do like your idea of a sketch concept, and I’ll be looking into developing a sort of timeline image to show off.

The revision is set up, which is ;generally approaching the same concept in a different way, tweaking it as needed, and giving the buyer a fresh idea on what I personally see potential in. /but, I will be sure to address that as well.

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