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Question about how buyers buy my service

Hello Everyone!
I run a Minecraft Development Gig and I usually develop other people’s servers at different prices because each client has different needs. In order to give out different prices to my clients, I give them a custom offer. But ever since I started this gig, I feared that people would buy the lowest price straight from the front page of my gig page and instead from my custom offers. How can I prevent this type of situation? And if they do cheat around me, how can I not do their offer without getting penalized?

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It used to be a problem with me when I started on fiverr. Keep your gig prices according to the services you provide. For example I provide prmo videos services and voice over is included only in my premium package. Now if someone purchases my Basic package and ask for voice over, I simply send them gig extra to update the order.

But it seldom happens as my gigs descriptions are very clear. Even if someone does it by mistake, they upgrade the order.

So write gig description very clearly and you’ll see there wont be any such issues.

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You could increase the price of your gig. You could also use packages.