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Question about icons/fonts


I’m offering web design services done with Adobe XD.

I wish to know if I can use icons that are free for commercial use in my designs.

I also want to know if I should send the buyer a .txt file with the fonts so that they can download them or I can skip that.


Hi music_77,
You can use the icon that is free for the commercial uses .

This is really unclear to me … If you should send any text file then you have to do that … Or what are you talking about ?

I’m doing my designs with different fonts. I’m not sure if the buyer will have the same fonts installed.

Should I send them link to the fonts so that they can download them or not?

You already asked this 22 days ago:

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Yes you should ask the buyer that if the buyer have the font or not .If they do not have then tell them to install . .

thank you that helped