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Question about Inbox Notices


Hello all,

I am new to Fiverr and just sold my first item. YEAH!

I had customer order and pay for a gig. I’ve talked to this customer to get additional information and everything seems fine.

However, later that day I receive a message in my INBOX (presumably from the same buyer) that says:

I don’t received what i want have in my game and you toke 5$ to my paypal account, Please , give me back my money

My item is not a ‘game’ and the buyer didn’t say anything to me about wanting a refund. I messaged the buyer about this but have not heard back yet.

So my questions are:

  1. is there an issue with people spoofing other users and requesting refunds through the INBOX?
  2. If I complete the order can the buyer still receive a refund based on the INBOX message?

    This is my first sale through Fiverr and I don’t understand what is happening.

    Thank you for your assistance.


is it the same username? it would say yo have one open order or previous sale. a customer cannot ask for refund after sale is complete. if they do cancel the paypal transaction without Fiverr customer support they can lose their account. This sounds like a Fiverr scammer or Fiverr troll.


Yes. It is the same username. I wrote them to ask if they wanted to cancel the order but have not heard back.

Can scammers or trolls spoof another person’s account on Fiverr?