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Question about incomplete gigs

Hi, a buyer made an order, but didn’t fill the mandatory requirement (so the gig won’t start, because I need some information). Is there any timeout for this situations, or it would last there forever if buyer or seller do nothing about it?


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Why would you want to hang on an order and not ask your client for the requirements?

you can message buyer now

you can message buyer now

There’s no timeout, it could just sit there (and annoy you) for years.


This is why you have to tick the mandatory :white_check_mark: requirement box to force the Buyer to fill out the necessary information. Otherwise, you’d be a sitting :duck: duck. You can send a polite follow up email to the Buyer.

I asked him for them, and no answer from the buyer… that’s the reason I was wondering :laughing:

That was already done, I forgot to mention. The buyer was dissapeared.

Thanks, I was afraid that was the answer :joy:

I ticked it. Didn’t matter: no requirement filling :laughing: Polite e-mail sended: I had no answer.

Anyway, the buyer finally answered at the end of the weekend: he payed before having the song ready (the requirement). The order is finished and everything is ok. But good to know, just in case, that there is no timeout in these cases!

Thanks to everyone for your replies! ^-^