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Question about "Instructions for Buyer" - what happens when left blank?



I have several gigs and most require info from the buyer except for one so in the instructions for buyer box I put "Nothing for you to do right now, just wait for me to send you the information."

But it seems Fiverr needs the buyer to respond with text before the order begins and suggests I do a "nudge buyer"

My question is, does anyone know if I delete that box “Instructions for buyer” does it make the order proceed instantly e.g. no need to nudge the buyer?

Anyone know?




If your gig really requires some form of response after the purchase then by all means have instruction to buyer. This will save you from buyers who accidentally purchase the gig. Also some buyers purchase the gig and cancel it as they find no use based on their seller hunting tactics.


Thanks madmoo and ryuken, great adice I now have a lot more gigs up.

Would you be so kind to collect these gigs…