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Question about invoices

Ηello, I haven’t yet started using Fiverr, because I have a few questions ! I have already make my freelance company, and according to my countriy’s law(Greece), freelancers send invoices to the customers. So, I have to send invoices to the And if the answer is yes, I have to send for the 80% of the price of the work, or for the total amount and then Fiverr would send me something like a discount invoice for the 20%?

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No, you don’t send invoices to Fiverr. Your buyers can obtain invoices from Fiverr for their purchases. Hope that helps.

Τhank you very much for the quick respond but I haven’t understood,yet, how it works, because if I declare income, I have to declare also the specific invoices with the amount fitting with this total (that’s the law for my country according to my accountant). I have done all the properations for sending invoices by e-mail, is there a way for me to be able to collect and show the right papers to the ministry of financial of my country when the end of the year come?:thinking:

You can do your own bookkeeping and keep a record. If you declare your income you can easily attach a copy of your earnings.
You can export your sheets by clicking on “Selling” - “Earnings” - “Export to CSV”.
The file will be send to you via email.
You can also keep track of your Fiverr withdrawals via Paypal for example. That should help as well.

Also, you can check out AND CO which might come handy :wink:

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Could you elaborate what do you mean by sending invoices to the Fiverr company?
If your customers are Fiverr Buyers, then you may also need to know that Fiverr generates an invoice for its buyers along the process of order placement. Attached is a photo that shows the invoice screen.

Sorry my question was incorrect. The correct question is : According to Greek law I must present my receipts to the Greek ministry of financial with the details of the sender of the money from other countries. So, who will finally send me the money in order to create a receipt for him? If finally Fiverr send me the money as I suppose, I will send the receipt to Fiverr.
Please confirm if this is correct and I need full address and vat code for the receipts which I will send to Fiverr.
(I don’t care about the costumer).
Thanks in anticipation.