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Question about Level 1


Hi guys!

I hope your enjoying the Christmas season.
I just finished my 10th order (which obviously is one of the requirments for Level 1 status). All my requirments to reach Level 1 have been fuffiled, EXCEPT for reaching the $521 mark.

HOWEVER, as soon as i completed my 10th order, I got a notification that I have recieved the Level 1 badge, and it is displayed on my profile. When I check my Analytics page, it still says that I am a Level 1 Seller with 9/10 completed orders.

I have 2 Questions:

  1. Does the Analytics page take some time to update?
  2. Why did I recieve the Level 1 badge WITHOUT earning the required amount?

(I am not complaining, because I am so stoked!! I would just like to try to understand why a little better!)

A Link to my profile is below, if that helps you answer my question :slight_smile:

Cheers everyone!


The price mark for $521 for level 1 only starts on January 15th. You only need 10 orders to get level 1 up until that point.

And yes, the analytics page is just being a little slow to update.


Hey, thanks for replying.

SO, If i have not earned $521 by the time Jan 15 comes around… I’ll go back down to a New Seller? Or is there no way I can no for sure? Cheers


No, you have safely reached level 1 now. However by January 15th everyone that is a new seller must now also reach $521. Fortunately for you, you have got level 1 just a few weeks before fiverr implements this system.


Thanks for your help!

Well, well! Lucky me!!



No problem. I’m glad I could clarify things for you.