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Question about Managing Gigs around Religious Holidays

Hi. After many years of being a buyer, I’d like to start selling my services here. However, I’m concerned about how I will manage the expectations of clients because I observe Shabbat - the Jewish Sabbath - and therefore I am NEVER online and I NEVER do any work from sundown on Friday Night to Sundown on Saturday Night.

I figured that surely I can’t be the only person to have ever had this issue, so I thought I’d ask for advice.

Should I use the “Out of office” message every week? Is there a limit to the number of times that I can use that?

I guess I can’t ever offer “24 hour service” unless, I explain in my profile that I only work Sunday- Friday Morning, so I could offer 24 hour service if the order is placed by Thursday Morning – and ask them to contact me to discuss it? Would that work?

Any other advice?


Buyers can order whenever they like, so unless you either pause your gigs or turn on Out of Office mode every week, they’ll still be able to place orders and message you (and your response rate will suffer if you don’t respond to every first message from a new potential buyer within 24 hours).

There used to be a limit. I think they’ve removed it, but the trouble is, whenever you turn that mode on, your gigs are removed from search.

I remember at least one other person observing Shabbat and asking for advice, but I don’t think that anyone was able to help her.

There are those who don’t work on weekends. I think they solve it with longer delivery times, but you’d still have to respond to all new messages within 24 hours, and for that, you’d have to be online.


Thank you for your thoughtful & helpful response.

Honestly, I would recommend looking into other freelancing platforms. We’re not permitted to mention them by name here, but they do exist. It’s highly possible that one of the others might work better for your work schedule.

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