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Question about messaging system

Hi guys,

yesterday I had a conversation with a potential buyer, and she has still to contact me with some more info about a possible larger order.

Just now, I opened Fiverr, and I had that pink dot over the envelope for new messages. I’ve clicked, and didn’t have any new message. But, oddly, the conversation with that particular seller had in the “updated” field the text “about an hour ago”, even though our last message was yesterday.

Any clue about what might have happened? could be that she sent a message, but it contained any forbidden word and has been removed or something like that?


Fiverr will block people for a number of violations and though it is frustrating it is for our good.

Thanks, @landongrace.

A few hours later I’ve received the “stucked” message and, as I thought, the potential buyer is asking me for my email or skype (which I have no intention to give her).

Now I don’t understand why the message was stopped at first and then unblocked, when it clearly violates Fiverr ToS. Should I report this buyer?

Reply to @belengarcia: you first can try to hit the Report link you have in conversation tab; then, if this user comes back again with such requests, create a ticket on Customer Support site and report her!

I usually assume that the customer wants to do the right thing, they are just not familiar with the rules. I just kindly state that “I am unable to communicate outside Fiverr because of the TOS. You will find that communicating here will work really well. I look forward to working with you”.

I would consider reporting someone unless they are aggressively being malicious.

Thanks, everyone!

I’ve finally just told her that Fiverr ToS doesn’t allow outside communication, and haven’t reported her.

But the truth is that I believe she already knows that, but doesn’t care. She has been on Fiverr for over a year and owns a translation agency, so I guess she has probably contacted other sellers to work for her outside of Fiverr and not just me.