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Question about multiple deliveries for one order

I’m fairly new to Fiverr and loving it, but have a question about delivering multiple files for a single order. I’ve created a custom offer for a client which includes 5 articles written per week for a set price. I’ve never made multiple deliveries for one gig order before, so I’m ignorant on this, Will there be a problem with delivering multiple files over the course of the 5 day time period as long as the client doesn’t mark the order as complete? Say I deliver 2 articles on Tuesday, 2 on Thursday, and one on Friday. What’s the best way to go about this? Thanks for any help and info you can give me.

Hi Dphillipsbiz,

Not much of a puzzle here. As long as you made the client understand, you can deliver one after the other as you pointed out. But without an understanding, a client may think you’re intentionally making an incomplete delivery…and never going to do the others.

Another way, you can be sending the files to him as attachment and only click on the DELIVERY button when you want to make the final delivery. Then in the final delivery, you may want to include all the files even if he must have seen the previous ones in the course of the week.

Hope this helps?

Is it one of those custom offers with multiple milestones? If not, I would never accept such an order that would require me to deliver multiple files over the course of several days. If the buyer asks for such a delivery, I either usually convince the buyer to accept the delivery of all the files in one go or reject (if it is a inbox convo or custom order) /cancel the order (if it is an order directly from my gig) if the buyer does not agree to it.

I do this cuz I am worried Fiverr would send me a ToS violation warning for abusing the order delivery button by delivering multiple files over the course of several days and also for “incomplete delivery.” Even if the buyer comes to my rescue and tries to make Fiverr understand, I am afraid there’s nothing much Fiverr would do in terms of removing the warning/level demotion.

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Thanks for the info, guys. Plan on taking the attachment route for this since it’s doesn’t meet the milestone requirements. Seems like the simplest solution here.