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Question about my customer's order

Hello, I have a minecraft server development service and I usually tell my clients that they must consult me before ordering the service so that I can offer a fair price between me and the client. And recently, one of my clients did not do this and bought my gig for the lowest price of $5 (I did not have a 3 package system set up during this time). And so I’m trying to get rid of my client because he did not consult me before ordering the gig. How can I get his order to be cancelled and if so, will a cancelled order reflect poorly on my gig?


Buyers are NOT required to contact you first. They are allowed to purchase any of the packages – or the $5 gig you have – if they want to. That’s how Fiverr works. It is a retail services site, designed to provide buyers with immediate purchase options based upon the services you have listed. You started a gig, and listed it for $5. A buyer chose to purchase that $5 service, and you are required to honor their purchase. If you choose to cancel the order, yes, it will affect your cancellation rate.

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