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Question about my Fiverr seller analytics

I see a lot of page views in my analytics, but I’m not sure whether fiver is counting the number of times I view my own gigs. I’ve seen plenty of sites that don’t take that into account or even know the difference between a view and a hit.

Does anyone know if viewing my own gig, one way or another, adds to the views? It would throw off my conversion rate statistic. I don’t want to try it just to test it out (skewing the numbers even further) and in any event, if someone viewed my gig at the same time, I’d have no way of knowing 8)

Thanks in advance.


I think you would have to ask the fiverr staff. The reason being that analytics pages are cached so there is no way to test this.

That being said view stats are usually just directional as the web is filled with so many bots, crawlers etc that show up as hits in logs.

If you mean browser cached, I can refresh a page without using the cache in firefox with ctrl shift r

I’m not sure if bots can view gigs without logging in to an account.