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Question about my upcoming earnings!

Hello, everyone. I hope everything is fine with you.

I’ve got a simple question. I’ve got two orders placed which make a total of 35$ (23$ + 12$), but when looking at my revenues I could see that my Upcoming Earnings are just 18.2$, that’s almost a half!

I was wondering what’s happening, if that’s a bug or if the taxes increases or something. I really want to know, please, help me with my doubt.

Thank you beforehand.

PS: I don’t know if this is the correct place to ask this question, if it isn’t, please, let me know where I go. Sorry if that’s the case.

Fiverr takes 20%. But with the $18 you have mentioned that doesn’t make sense. Are you sure it shows only $18? If so contact customer support for assistance.

I know already that about the 20%, but yes, I’m sure, 35$ minus that 20% would never be 18$. that’s my concern.

Thank you so much, I didn’t find that customer support link, that’s why I asked for it here.