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Question about offering revisions



I offer a single revision with the web design services I offer.

My question is : Should I do the revision after I have provided the buyer with the files?

I’m new to fiverr and I still haven’t delivered any gigs.


As you are new . I think you should give multiple revisions so that buyer will be comfortable when they will buy your service. Actually that is depend on services … But as you are web designer .I am also web designer And I am telling you that from my experience …Now your choice.And If you set single revision then buyer can ask you for modification one more time after sending the delivery .


That’s her choice to have only one revision included and all others buyer can pay for. In some cases it can be actually even a good thing because buyer will think twice submitting their requirements and again they will try to consider everything they need to change in one revision.
If you provide many or unlimited revisions buyer can come back to you even a year after and with fiverr rules you might be obliged to provide it.

@music_77 answering your question: I always deliver all files and if person need some changes I just add a change and upload files again.


Thank you for the reply. :slight_smile:



As says,

It is totally your choice and decision. What I would add, is think of this more than just a place to make money, think like a business owner. What would bring you business? What would bring you repeat business?

I started selling recently here, but, I still use my offline business practices. It’s sometimes cheaper to make a revision than acquire a new client.

100% I go beyond what I promise - I include a number of revisions considering;

But, even after a year, if that client came and asked for a small thing that wouldn’t take me 5 minutes to do, I do it for free. WHY? He will more likely order from me when he needs a redesign. He will refer more clients to me. It is cheaper to maintain a client than acquire new ones, so when you have one you have to do what is possible to maintain them.

Unless of course if they are expensive to maintain.

Cheers and welcome to Fiverr,


You make a revision if is needed and once of course this will happen after your delivery.


Hello, I'm a new seller, Thanks for bringing up such a question. You have no idea how much your help has meant.