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Question about Order Completion Rate

Hi people,

I want to understand better one thing because in my opinion it’s not normal. I had my Order Completion Rate on 89% but i notice that in the last 3 days continuing to go down, now i have the 86% without any order cancellation and any new order. Someone know if this is normal and why, please?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


OCR takes into account activity over the past 60 days, not the past several. You don’t need to have delivered or cancelled an order over the past few days for your stat to change.

As the days pass, some completions and cancellations will become irrelevant to the calculation. The expiration of past completions could lead to the OCR stat lowering if there are cancellations still in date.


Hi @amirnatour,

Please read this topic. It will help you.


Thank you so much! :hugs:

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You’re most welcome, @amirnatour. :slightly_smiling_face: