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Question about order deadline

I’m new to fiverr (buyer only) and placed my first order last week.
I do struggle a bit with the sellers communication and have a question about the deadline thing.
I ordered an illustration and the gig says that I will receive a sketch that I have to confirm before he will start on the colour step and won’t accept change requests after the sketch has been approved.
I did not receive any sketches so far and the order deadline is up in 6 hours.
I thought after the 6 days I was going to receive the final picture and not just the first sketch.

Can someone explain to me how the deadline thing works?
Is it for the completed order or just for the first draft?



You are meant to receive the final drawing within 6 days. However it all depends on what the gig offers. Read what the seller is offering. I personally would have finished the drawing before the 6 day deadline just in case the customer needs last minute changes.
Feel free to contact me if you need anymore help.

Hello, if I were you I would use the resolution button to request a refund. Your seller is not acting responsibly at all.

The only deadline is when the order is due to be delivered. If your seller told you certain deadlines by when he/she would have the sketch to you by or other points in the process and you have yet to even see a sketch, and the deadline to deliver the finished work is in six hours, this is not ok.

Yes, after the six days the entire order is supposed to take, you should receive the completely finished job.

If the final deadline comes and goes you will have to wait 24 hours past that and then will be offered the option of cancelling the order.

If the seller finally contacts you now, you need to be firm not to extend the delivery date and insist on a refund.

If the seller continues to ignore you then you can contact customer support and request a refund. I’m so sorry you have had this experience with an irresponsible seller.

It really depends on what the package you bought offers. If it offers only a sketch in B&W, you will just receive that. If it offers a colored sketch, then that’s what you must receive. And if it said you should’ve received the sketch for approval and then the buyer would work on coloring it, then that what should’ve happened. I’m not an illustrator, but 6 hours seems to be too little of time to get your approval/or do any modification necessary and still colored the sketch.

I know you said you had some communication issues with the seller, but maybe try talking to them for clarification or maybe give a closer look at what the package you bought offers. Of course, you can always use the resolution center, as suggested by @misscrystal. I hope this helps.

I have not been told different deadlines.
I placed my order, answered the questions the seller had and since then I have been waiting for the first draft he mentioned in his gig. I did not approve any sketches yet.
I was just not sure if the deadline was for the first draft or for the order to be completed.

If by deadline you mean the time when the seller must deliver the finished product, the deadline for the order, then that is when they have to deliver the entire finished product.

Thank you for your answers!
I am still not really sure about how to handle this.
I am very sad right now.