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Question about "Out of office" feature regarding appearing on search

There are conflicting ideas in the following article:

It says the seller can “Allow new buyers to contact” during the “Out of office” period. But later on the FAQ session it says “your Gig will temporarily disappear from the search, once the Out of Office mode deactivated it will reappear.”

What I am thinking is: if my gig disappears from the search, new buyers wouldn’t be able to find me anyway. So what’s the point of having the “allow new buyers to contact” checkbox checked? Am I missing something here?


When you are OOO your gigs, do disappear from the search. I was OOO for a week. It took a week for my gigs to be back to where they had been before I went OOO and to start getting orders again.

At present, you can choose to receive messages still. However, no one can book your gig when you are OOO unless you send them an offer. Besides, if you have checked the box not to receive any messages, then no one can contact you. I have heard of Buyer Request offers still coming through, but I am not sure if that is correct or not? :thinking:


Maybe your gigs appear somewhere off-site or your existing clients refer new customers.

There are many scenarios where new clients could find you, if you have an active business

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If they go directly to your profile/gigs they can contact you or not,depending on what you choose.


But how would new buyers find my profile if it’s not appearing on search?

google search for your service

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Fiverr emails, off-Fiverr promos, potential buyers who had favorites or bookmarked you, Google - just to name a few.


Realistic speaking, is there anyone who gets a job without appearing in the search?

I just think that the “out of office” feature shouldn’t make the seller dissappear from the search if the “Allow new buyers to contact me” checkbox was checked. Of course it should label the seller as “out of office”, but nothing more.

I was just wondering if people agree with me.

I just got contacted by a new client for a gig that’s not in search atm…

its pointless to think what the “out of office” feature “should” do

I’m sorry if I was under the impression that conversations were supposed to lead to improvements.

I see you’re new in the forum. My impression is, for the most part, posts wishing that features were different almost never lead to change in the platform. Technical issues\bugs may be given more attention based on level of complaints in the forum. Sellers thinking the way the features work doesn’t make sense, however justified, don’t seem to have any impact on the way new changes are directed here.


You can always post in site suggestions if you’d like?

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Absolutely. I get about 40% of my recent orders from buyers who tell their friends in the industry about my gigs. I think about 10% of my orders are from people who know me on off-Fiverr animal forums and writing forums.

I suppose I might get an occasional order from some other social media, Quora, or redirects from one of my websites. This forum is indexed by Google so I might get an occasional hit that way. Not many come from those for me.

When I’m in OOO it’s usually because I’m overbooked, not really away. I have regular buyers who contact me as well as potential buyers who bookmarked my gigs in the past. If I was on a real vacation and my gigs were listed in search, even if it only reminds old buyers that I’m here, they might send me a message to ask a question. My response rate would plummet and I would lose my levels. I’d rather that not happen. I would be all for some kind of toggle to allow our gigs to be in search while we are in OOO mode, but I would rather have a choice than to be forced to show in search. That’s my 2 cents on your proposal.


That doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to have a conversation about the topic, right? I mean, it’s always good to talk things through.

Thank you for the tip, I will certainly search for a search concerning OOO.

OK, maybe you and daviddoer are experienced sellers, but for me, as a newbie, I just get orders from the search and buyer requests.

That would be amazing, I agree 100%. Thank you for the idea, I’ll probably take this to the suggestions section.

Thank you guys for responding, have a good one.

I was just adding my .02 to the conversation. I apologize if I came off as gruff. I see these type of discussions often. For the most part, it seems to be valuable as a way to vent, or stew about a feature we don’t like. Of course this forum is open for anyone to discuss their thoughts. I am not the guardian of permissible topics.

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That’s OK, daviddoer, I probably came to the wrong section in the first place and maybe I came out a bit straightforward as well.

Glad we could talk it out, have a good one.