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Question about paying for services

I just placed my first order. It was $6. I get a messsge from the seller asking me to accept the additional amount for her work. It was $16. I didn’t mind paying it, but I was a little confused. Is this standard when ordering?

Only if you need what’s being offered as an extra. Sellers often offer extras, but that’s how they should be treated - as extras.

If you’re happy with what’s being offered for $6, then you certainly don’t need to pay $16 extra.

If you’re not sure why your seller’s offering you extras, please ask them, or CS if you’re still unsure.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Actually a basic gig will cost you $5, the extra $1 is processing fee if you are paying via paypal or card).
What service did you order? Usually if your requirement exceeds what the package offers, seller will ask for additional fee.