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Question about Payoneer Local Bank Withdrawal (Pakistan)


Hope you all are fine.

Today I used Local Bank Withdrawal method via Payoneer. So after one hour I received an email " The funds will be deposited in your bank account within 4 business days".

My question is that it really take 4 days? I heard that within 3 to 4 hours we receive the funds in our Bank.

Please someone help me out to Clear this. I’m really confused.

Thank you !


I think there’s an option you pick for that to happen and they’ll charge you extra for it.


If you have sent the amount from Payoneer, then most probably you have chosen a bad day as after all today and Sunday are off days. :slight_smile:
So, wait until Monday, and I hope your amount would be transferred until 1 pm most probably.



Thank You so much for your response @myounas853


I believe there a lot of bank support in Pakistan, but beware of your identity there.
Otherwise they will scam your id


@myounas853 The amount is deposited in my bank, received a message from bank account :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


You should choose the Immediate Load Option. The funds get deposited almost instantly. This is found from inside your Payoneer account.


  1. Login to Payoneer
  2. Go to Funding Sources
  3. Click on the one that shows FiverrXXX-YOUR-USERNAME
  4. Choose _Immmediate Load Option _and save.
  5. You’re good to go!

Cheers! :wink:


Congrats a lot!
Finally you did it.

Best of luck for future :slight_smile:


Sr have you ever tried bank transfer from fiverr directly…??

Yesterday, i did it and fiverr initiated my withdrawals and then my withdrawals completed successfully but i never received any email from from or payoneer that i have received payments or anything else. My payoneer account is linked to my HBL account.

Am so worried as my fiverr account is empty now :’(


Nice explaining !!
I dont have attachment option in my menu bar of inbox mesdaging fiver forum why sir u know abt that


Dear @ikramsiddiqui , No I didn’t tried the fiverr direct bank funds transferring option.

Usually it consume more time than payoneer to deposite funds to Local bank… Don’t worry about that.


What does it mean be aware pf yoir identity


Yes dear @parachaahmer2 you will get your payment in your bank account in just 1 to 2 hours. They just ask you for the maximum time period that after that period if you cant receive your amount you will contact them :slight_smile: