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Question about Payoneer...would you recommend it over Paypal?

Hi all…(the new look seems very different) I am asking about Payoneer, when offered an opportunity to use it for direct deposit opportunity. I’ve been a loyal Paypal user for a long time (especially if you are going to purchase anything on eBay or some other place) My big question is re: fees. Security at Paypal is top notch (a good thing) I wonder why I was not offered a direct deposit opportunity through them?

Some article I read said something about a $29.95 fee that would be incurred through Payoneer; I could have misread something there…something about a Master card? (I’m not interested) Can someone enlighten me a little? Security is important too, but I don’t want to be nickeled and dimed for everything.

Thanks in advance!

Unless you want to use payoneer for buying stuff online, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

I have used payoneer and it is a good platform for direct deposit of money.

I live in India and it takes PayPal around 5 days to deposit the money to my bank account. But with payoneer, the transaction time was 24 hours. It is automatic.

I think it is for Indian customers, but you can always send a message to the support team there and they will help you understand the platform better.

i used payoneer since last years and i thin it’s best service. payoneer charge approximately $30 annual fee. deposit option is too fast and it takes only a day . the security of payoneer is also a top notch and payoneer work with all major freelancing sites.

Hmmm…I really have no need for the Master card and I can’t see paying a $30 fee like that unless I were dealing with some really big sums…Have to have a think about that one!

Does it ( payoneer ) take any processing fee ?
Is it free for all around India ?
Please let me know thanks :slight_smile:

Payoneer has really high transaction fees. I wouldn’t go with Payoneer unless I had any other option.

Payoneer is completely free :slight_smile:

Payoneer is completely free for India Customers.

I just used it for the fist time, it works fine but I would only use it to transfer a big amount as they charge 3 dollars just for that, and if you are outside the US apparently 2% of the whole amount for currency conversion which is really a lot, I think paypal charges less than that for currency conversion?

No, because in my country has really crazy additional fees. I don’t know the rates with other countries. Paypal is the only one I’ll be relying on for now. haha!

Strange fiverr support. I have created a ticket for payoneer support 5 days ago nothing responded also create another ticket but same thing…very frustrated and policy is not really good.

Yes, well, I’m not in India, so it’s not free for me, which is why I won’t ever use it.

Paypal forces to use local currency in my region, also it can happen that out of nowhere they will “temporarily” lock your account with all funds being frozen up to 6 months, especially it should concern people ourside US, Europe… They did that to me and their support is absolutely useless when it comes to such cases. I prefered paypal before, now payoneer is the best solution that allows me to receive what I actually earned. Thanks fiverr for working with payoneer.

I just got an email that Payoneer saying they can’t transfer my money to my bank. They already have my information but are now asking me to send a voided check or bank statement. This seems phishy to me.

Over a week after attempting my first direct deposit and I still don’t have my money. I won’t be using Payoneer again.

I used both and I can say both of them are good I’m outside the Us but it works awesome for me I use Payoneer for withdrawing money cash and PayPal for online purchases as its more secured than a Credit Card but I agree that Payoneer is better for me as PayPal not free in my country you have to pay about $60 to $65 each year

In addition with processing fees, Payoneer charges $29.95 annual fee for maintenance.

that’s how it works mate even PayPal charges those fees when you buy from a website like Fiverr or so! sending and receiving money through it…etc everything has a price

Thanks for the tips. It is very helpful for me.

i guess you are a big fan of payoneer … In this thread above someone told that they charge 23$ as annual subscription … Is it true ?

Yes its also helpful discussion for me, Thanks