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Question about paypal


hi fiverr members
I want to ask you about PayPal
I have $ 320 I want to withdraw my account on paypal.
I want to know when I receive my money on Paypal can I use them immediately or have to wait a couple of days to use them.
Also how much commission will you pay for the withdrawal on paypa


Pleas, any one he can help me ??


You pay $1 for withdrawal on paypal.

You will receive the money immediately and you can use it immediately for whatever you want :slight_smile:


thank you for your help

I wish there was anyone else who would confirm the information??


That is a bit rude though :slight_smile:


Ollydave is a seasoned seller, he knows what he’s talking about.

Also, the more you withdraw the less Paypal takes!

Since you’re having doubts this is what you should do:
Stop, procrastinating, withdraw the funds and see for yourself.

Viola! :pineapple:


Yea, that’s a bit rude. :smiley:
I can confirm it for you if that will make you happy. :smiley:


I only use paypal for withdrawing. I can confirm that @ollydave information is perfectly valid