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Question about Portfolio Showing



I have a situation where I’ve posted an image in my delivery which will show in my portfolio as I have it switched on. The buyer has marked it as complete already but doesn’t want it to show for privacy reasons.

Is there a way to have it not show. I know i can turn off my portfolio but since he has already marked it as complete I think it will still show regardless.

Any thoughts on this?

madmoo said: For future deliveries though, you can advise the buyers that every delivery image has a small x on it which when clicked, will remove that image from the feedback and portfolio.

Great advice, I've added that to my gig description


fiverr glitch, trying to remove a draft


oops well its gone now, yes i will look for the x next time. Oh I know who’s got the x factor GERMANY football team! :stuck_out_tongue: