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Question about PRO verified

Browsing Fiverr I meet many ads where user is PRO verified we the 0 customer reviews … looks very fishy for me, and honestly I will not trust for person with 0 stats. how it is even possible? it is enough to pay a fee and you becoming a PRO verified?

Those sellers are handpicked by Fiverr’s staff.

You can fill this application in order to be considered.

No, there’s no fee. To become a PRO verified seller, you have to prove that you have relevant experience with big clients outside of Fiverr. For example, the man who designed the Apple logo has the PRO verified label.


Everyone starts from 0 and basically PRO sellers too depend on buyers. It is not possible that with a short period every PRO seller will have a ton of reviews. It will take some time.

its your personal choice however if everyone thinks like this I would say no one would get sales.

If Fiverr think that 0 sales will give them lot of money then they give you PRO seller badge.

it is it throwing pro sellers are having cosmic prices, so from where I should know if he is a real pro? wasting money on somebody who just paid for a pro status and have a zero knowledge?

So you want Fiverr to give them reviews for a start so they get sales and thus people can trust them?

Everyone starts from 0 and they have joined who has potential will surely go high. The PRO who worked from start I see many of them have 100’s of reviews now.

Even who ever joins starts with 0.

Really? I thought you have to apply. TRS is handpicked!

I guess even Top Rated Sellers are hand picked so for the PRO you have prove that you really have ability and you have worked for some great companies. Take the Logo maker of Apple he has just 3 reviews so do you mean he is not worth it and not trusted.

Even many have worked for big companies so is it not enough. Do you think Fiverr will allow fake intro or description to promote PRO profiles.

Once again, if you missed my post: the Pro status can’t be bought.

You’re asking how would you know that the man who designed the Apple logo is a real professional?

Pro sellers have portfolios you can check out, and names (or company names) that you can verify by Googling them.


Well yeah, after you apply, you get selected from other 1000 applications. You just don’t apply and get in.