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Question about Promoted Gigs

So I have been holding off clicking the promoted gigs button because I don’t know more info about it… My main question is the bid for click or for actual purchases??


Yes, it is per click.

Thank you for the info, I can now rule out using the feature.

There was a really good thread the other day of some here who showed their stats of how much they spent on clicks and the revenue they earned from those clicks. I have not yet taken the plunge to promote my Gigs either - but, it was a good thread and information to read nonetheless. I think it was in the “Promoted Gigs” category of the forum.



You are welcome. It has been successful for some sellers. @frank_d shared some info on how it has worked out for him and @vibronx. But I cannot find the thread now.


Here is the thread @vickiespencer mentioned:


Thank you @vibronx, I knew you or Frank would be along to help.

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@vibronx @genuineguidance and @vickiespencer Thank you for reply and link, let me have a read


The fear is there, the usual, my GIG is already on top page so what will I get with promotion…

For me it goes ----------------- I have no orders_______________ I think about the promoted gig system, I read and read and read about it----------------- then I click on the link and just as I am about to activate it I get 150$ order on that very GIG.

So I do not click it.

And the circle is looping for the 5th time now.

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