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Question about promoting gigs


So I have a bit of a confusion. I’m new here and have been doing a bit of reading to find the best way to go about getting orders and stuff. I read something about ‘views’ and ‘impressions’. Does increased gig ‘views’ that don’t translate into orders result in decreased ‘impressions’? If so, should this be of any concern to someone who’s just started?

I was going to share my gig on social media but then got a little hesitant. A little help, please.

If your all statistics are rising then you’re in the right way, I mean: impressions , views, clicks. This will generate you your first order at any time.

I feel rather dumb asking, but where do I view statistics from?

and then:


Thank you so much. So I have like equal clicks and views but my impressions are still zero. Is that a problem?

Hi @jave_base,

This means that your views & clicks are coming from outside Fiverr’s search. Only when your gig(s) get shown on Fiverr’s page through the search, you’ll get impressions.

They might be coming from googling you or even from users going directly to your profile and then taking a look at your gig(s).

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I think that your all views and clicks are coming from another source of traffic.

Ohh, you already got the answer :smiley:

This is a lil complicated for me :stuck_out_tongue: So to promote my gig, I have to somehow get people to search my gig via fiverr’s search tool. Did I get it right?

Another source such as sharing the gig on social media, perhaps? Or would that be counted as impressions?

No, it’s okay :blush: I appreciate the assistance.

I’m not even using Facebook or any other outside platform to promote my GIGS. Fiverr Search is my main tool.

You just need a good GIG, optimized with SEO in order to get better positions on Fiverr organically so Buyers will see you more and more often.

I see. Do you mind sharing a few tips how you use Fiverr search as your main tool?

I apologize for the bother. This is a really unfamiliar territory for me.

Actually I did this today about 5 times, and at least 20 times in a past days. Just scroll down the topics or use search:

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Thank you so much for time and response! :blush:

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Not quite. Promotion has nothing to do with buyers searching in look of a service and going through enough pages until your gig(s) show up.

You might not promote yourself and still get impressions. This, because your gig(s) are either placed on near pages or buyers have gone through enough of them to get to where your gig(s) show.

This sounded like a tongue twister :grimacing: but I hope I could make myself understand for you to get the idea. :wink:

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Ah! I think I get what you mean. Thank you so much for explaining it to me. Also, apologies for the delayed response. Apparently, there’s only a limited number of posts I can post per day :thinking:

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You’re most welcome Jave! And, please, don’t worry about having replied late. :wink:

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I appreciate your kindness :relaxed:

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