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Question about push message (fiver app)



sorry if this is a silly question, i’m totally new at fiverr.
Yesterday i received a fiverr push message on my phone, it was a really nice compliment about my work. I was going to look who the sender was, but when i tipped on it, the message just disappeared and can’t be found anywhere.
Where are such push messages stored in the app (if at all) ?
In the app i see options for receiving push messages, but how can these be sent ?



Hi Chis and welcome to the forum.

In the app, you should be able to see any messages you got if you click the inbox. Same for desktop.

But … if the message “disappeared”, it might have been one that Fiverr automatically sorted into spam. I fear you’ll get a few of those. You should be able to find it on desktop when you go to your Messages >Inbox and click the link “See all in Inbox” at the bottom of the Inbox window. Then, you’ll have to click the “All Conversations” drop-down on top of the window and you can choose different folders, “Spam” among them

In the app, after going into your inbox, you can click a menu symbol in the top right corner and also choose “Spam” and other folders.

Hope that helps.


In some cases fiverr automatically mark messages like spam, i ha similar experience where I get the notification but there is no massage displayed it also happened that I receive a message and then fiverr mark it as spam.


Hi everyone, and thanks for the response !
Weird, i checked the spam folder, it’s empty. I wonder who would spam with compliments ? There was no link or anything, just a note about my music. Hmm…i’ll never find out probably :slight_smile:

In the fiver app there is a difference between messages and push notifications (only that i can’t figure out how to send a push notification to someone at all…like if these are only received by fiverr staff ?)


Spammers, and even more scammers, have all the more reason to butter you up with compliments actually. :wink:
For example, to not be reported for spamming, or, well, because they want to scam you. You’ll get some weird messages if you stay around, you’ll see.

If you can’t find anything at all, it might be due to the message and up/download issues the site had yesterday for a few hours.

I’m not sure what exactly you mean by sending push notifications to “someone”? You can either reply to messsages you get or you can send messages to sellers (only to sellers, as only sellers have the “Contact Me” button, which is to prevent buyers from getting spammed by sellers all the time) but you’re not supposed to send messages other than when someone contacts you to ask about your gig/an order.

If you randomly send messages to other people, they can report you for spamming and that might lead to your messaging abilities being restricted temporarily, or even to your account being suspended. Spam = sending unsolicited messages to anyone without intending to maybe buy their gig, is not permitted.

If you get messages, then you’ll be able to reply to them in a box below the messages.
If you intend to buy from a seller and want to ask them something, you can find their “Contact Me” button on their profile page and message them through that.
Anything else (contacting random people to promote your gig, asking for tips, etc.) is considered spam.


Oh, please don’t ruin my hope that someone actually liked what i do :smile:

I’m not sure what exactly you mean by sending push notifications to “someone”?

Right, as it seems, the only way to send a message to a seller is the “Contact me” button, generating a standard message. A push notification is sent to a cell phone, in my case appearing on the lock screen. (if you have the app, go to settings/notifications/push notifications and hit “test push notification” at the bottom. Then you’ll see what i mean). What i don’t understand is, how could i (or anyone) send such a push notification to a seller instead of a normal message. It’s a different thing (usually you can’t reply to a notification for example). I begin to believe that these notifications are only sent by the fiverr app itsself and/or the staff members. (which would make it even more puzzling).

miiila, as i just see you are a native german as well…auf Deutsch isses vielleicht einfacher :wink:


There is always hope.

(Guess the quote)

Ah, I see. I don’t think push notification means anything you can actually do. It just means that you get a message someone sends/you send (the usual way) to your phone as a push message, so you’ll be notified. It’s nothing you actively do/use.

There are automated messages too, which you get whenever you get an order, a revision request, a cancellation, … , whatever.

And sorry but forum etiquette, English is better, so everyone can read and take part. :wink:

Oh and if you didn’t stumble over it yet, do take a look at the Help Center, tremendously helpful when starting out, 2nd must read recommendation after the ToS.


I had a message that said “You do great work so why not share it with others?” at the top of my inbox a few days ago. Maybe that was it.

It was a suggestion to post a link to my gigs on social media.


Hm, it was actually more individual, thats why i was interested. Well, shall it stay a mistery, it’s already a bigger deal now than neccessary, so thanks everyone for the help !


It might have had my name in the beginning of the message.


What ? Your name ? I’m confused :thinking:


The message I got that I mentioned above, had Misscrystal at the top of it and yours would have had your name chrisprey at the top.


Oh i see, no, it had no name in it. Well, i feel bad posting it, but i recall it said how “inspiring and awesome” my music was, nothing more. I felt flattered, so let’s just say it was not a bot but some secret fan, ok ? :wink: