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Question about reaching Level 2


To become a level 2 seller, you must sell at least 50 gigs in a 2 month period. Does it count towards that number when a buyer orders more than one gig from you at a time? Because it doesn’t count towards “gigs created” on the Sales Analytics page. For example, a buyer ordered 4 gigs at a time, but it counts as 1 order.


Can anyone help me?


I agree with you. find a correction!


I am still wondering about this.


I asked CS about this and they told me "The multiple order is counted as 1 purchase. "

I also asked if Gig Extras count as orders. No - "The Extra is consider part of the (main) order."

So if you want to level up as I do then it is best for your Buyer to purchase individual gigs so you get an order credit for each one. More work for the Buyer but better for you if they are cool with it.



I have a high percentage of orders with gig extras and they do count as 1 gig, same as an order with no extras. I often let buyers give me two or three smaller projects at once for my highest gig extra.

Yeah, it lessens the completed gig count, but I think it’s a fair way to do business. And much easier for the buyer not to have make 3 separate purchases. I think it creates a bit of loyalty and encourages positive reviews.


Thanks for the answers guys. I’m happy to say, after exactly 9 months, I’ve finally reached Level 2!