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Question about "response rate"

I’m a new seller here. So far, 99% of the messages I get are spam, so I’ve been reporting them.

Yesterday morning I woke up to one spam message and one message that looks legitimate.

The spam one had already been taken care of, so I responded to the legit message. As soon as I submitted my response, my “response rate” turned red and dropped to 80%.

Why is this, and how do I fix it?


I recommend raising your prices. There’s no reason for a voice over artist to be giving their work away for only $5. In addition, spammers like to target cheap sellers. If you raise your prices, you make yourself less of a target.


I always respond to spam with a short message, such as “This is spam. You have been reported!” Fiverr gives us the message that not answering spam does not count against us, but there are signs that it really does affect our response time and rate, so I always respond to these type of messages.


In future, like has been suggested, responding to the spam message before flagging it should prevent the problem with the response rate.

To fix it this time you could contact CS through the help-desk with screenshots showing that you replied to everything and that the message flagged as spam is the cause of it and they should fix your stats if they’re incorrect. Hopefully one day they will fix the bug that causes messages flagged as spam to (at least sometimes) affect the response rate.


Thanks all!

I’ve noticed lately that if I don’t get to a spam message in time, somebody else has apparently already reported the user, and my message will say something to that effect.

Good to know that “sometimes” the message that “not answering spam (or “reporting this user”) does not count against us” isn’t always accurate. :slight_smile:

I’ll try the help-desk and see what they say. So far none of this effects me because it seems the only people that love my voice are friends and other sellers…not buyers. :frowning: I guess I could bump my rate a bit and see what happens. Again, no sales so far, so…why not try?


You could check the price with the commercial rights extra is competitive enough compared to others, with maybe increasing it after receiving reviews. Maybe some might also want a 1 day delivery.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll take a look around, and also think about 1 day delivery.

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