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Question about response rates

I am an active seller… I have replied to all incoming messages within 2-3 hours so far.

I had made a buyer request this morning for a logo design, and sellers are spamming me with tons of incoming inbox messages which I don’t want to reply to. The question is, will it affect my response rate?

This is awkward. I am going crazy from the spams.


Yes unfortunately.

What you can do to help community is to report all those sellers. Make quick reply something like "Thank you for sending your proposal. Unfortunately it is against Fiverr TOS to contact me like this. "

Please report them reply then block them.


Thank you for that. I didn’t expect it to become like this during the day.

180000 logo services available, 1000 new every day, 600 new sellers every day (I am monitoring and recording for my YT videos).

68000 sellers with zero sales in last year. Just logo category. Not graphic design.

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Some of them could be the same person. I was in some Fiverr groups on Facebook and there are some services that you can buy and it will create tens of Fiverr accounts… and bid automatically on the request for the seller.

I was tempted to buy some of those corrupted services in the beginning… I now realise that it won’t work. Although not a good income, I grow much faster than others new to the platform.

Sincerity and hard work pay off… I just hope it can be for the long run.

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