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Question About Review 2017


After buyer gives you review, If you want to refund , Then What will happen to your review.

As far as I know we have 3 days to cancel the order even though it was delivered. The buyer can decline or accept the cancellation. If the buyer doesn’t react, the order will be automatically cancelled in two days, the buyer will get their money back and in a few days your review will be removed.
It was in 2016.

but In 2017, when Fiverr gives us new look , and Fiverr make some different types of rules. So I am not aware of that .

So, If you have nay Idea about It, Will you please let Us know. Actually What Will happen, after I refund? will review gone or stay ?

Thank you


No the review will not be removed even if you refund the buyer.

All reviews are there to stay.



@djgodknows knows his stuff. :slight_smile:

But even then, doing so on a number of orders, will again raise a red flag.


When A buyer intentionally left a bad review to get their money , What we supposed to do ? I had this bad experience. He just simply asked me to have his money and wants free work , But He didnt . So He left poor review that I gave him refund.

whats my fault if buyer do this intentionally, that they will get full support from Fiverr.

They will get their money And After i completed Work , Ad refund them , review will stay . Is this a Good idea, as usual Buyer get the first priority to stealing from US.

So , what we supposed to do .

Now a days all buyers know the rules, So They started to give us bad review that We refund them . So we are loosing money and also reputation .


recently, i cancelled an order with a buyer with the same attitude as you mentioned and the buyer was unable to post a review. i donot think so this is possible. in 2016, the CS told me a buyer cannot leave a review in case of a mutual cancelled order. i donot know about 2017 but a few ago a buyer wanted revenge from me but was unable to leave any comment/review. i think this is not possible.


It is still also against the rules for a buyer to use abusive language or to try to manipulate you with threats of bad reviews. If they actually tell you that intend to leave a bad review just to get their money back, you report that to Customer Support. CS will review the screen shots and situation and if the buyer was threatening or abusive, CS can still take action. I think that in most cases they will if you can prove that. Some sellers here have proven that CS will pay attention to bad buyer behavior (most of the time) if you stay calm and professional and show them the evidence.

If a buyer just chooses to leave a bad review after an order is complete and additionally requests that you give them a refund, you can politely tell them that they already received the service. You tell them that you wish they had been happy with the order and ask them what revisions they suggest. You don’t give them a refund, though, you earned the money. If the revision is reasonable and you stay polite and do it, perhaps they will come around. If not, you can respond to the review with your own statement about how things went down. There is no need for a buyer to get a refund in this case.


@interpretivist What CS told you as it related to mutual cancellations prior to completions is still true in 2017. If the buyer says they don’t feel they are getting value out of the order (or you feel things aren’t going well) it is fine to mutually cancel. No mention needs to be made of reviews at that point since they don’t apply. Just a cancellation and automatic refund works. The buyer cannot leave a review since the service was never completed. So, you are also correct that a buyer cannot use reviews as revenge over any order that was cancelled prior to completion, even if the cancellation isn’t mutual.


Thanks for updating me.
My case was actually funny, the buyer was herself a seller so she realized that order cancellation came on her profile and then she inboxed me politely that she would like to pay me for my hardwork (although she mentioned it clearly that the delivered work is of no use to her lol) and would leave a 5star review lol!! I got her intentions so i calmly spammed her and informed the CS.

It requires a strategical plan to deal with such buyers who are always ready to blackmail with a negative review or refund after taking the delivery. Smh