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Question about revisions for new buyer

I’m a relatively new seller on Fiverr, and one of my gig packages has options for revisions. How would I approach revisions? Would I send rough drafts through my conversion thread with the seller, or is there a way for them to request a revision during the delivery phase? I’m assuming that it’s the latter.


Revisions are what you define them as.

From the buyer side:
From the seller side:

This is what I use - (FAQ) section, points 1, 2, and 3: Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide


Hi, you would deliver your completed order for sign-off through the project dashboard (not the message thread with that buyer), using the green button ‘Deliver Your Order’.

If the buyer accepts the delivery, it means they like it and you need to make no revisions.

If the buyer is unsure or has a problem with the standard of the delivery or feels something is missing, they will ‘Request Revision’ using a bespoke button at their side and this means the order will bounce back to you for you to revise the deliverables. The buyer should detail what it is they are unhappy with at that stage.

This then will mark your project ‘in revision’ until you deliver again and it is accepted.

In my experience, almost all are accepted and signed off right away, and maybe 2 in 100 result in a revision request.

I would advise you to deliver to your highest standard possible, and to use only the green delivery button, and not to make the mistake of sending ‘a draft’ at any stage. ‘Deliver’ using the delivery button in your dashboard and only accept revisions through that same dashboard. This gives the best chance for a nice smooth sign-off or at least clarity if it gets sent back.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Okay. That makes way more sense to me. Thank you!

Your article is very helpful for new seller . Thank you so much