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Question about Revisions?

Hi Im a new seller on fiverr.
I wanted to know the revisions seller offers to buyers , is there any time limit to to deliver the revised work?
I found the official article about revisions on the website but I think the info there is not enough / not specified clearly.


There is no default time limit for revisions - however many you offer, you have to provide.

However, you can specify on your gig page that revisions are only available until the order is completed.

And don’t offer unlimited revisions.


Thanks for the clarification.

btw why shouldn’t we offer unlimited revisions?

Generally, unlimited revisions means you have to do them even when the buyer comes back after several years …


oh…lol yeah I think you are right!
but If I want can I mention in a gig that unlimited revisions are only available until the order is completed?

… only if you want your orders to be kept open forever … and CS won’t interpret that as abuse of the review button …

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hmm…that’s right. I think I have to modify my gig now.
One last question though , suppose if I offer 2 free revisions and after 2 revisions buyer asks me to provide more revisions for free. Should I accept it or deny it? And If I accept it for free is that a violation of Fiverr TOS?
My guess is I have to tell the buyer that providing more revisions than what I agreed is TOS violation? Am I right?

Here’s what the TOS says about that:

“Revisions to deliveries can be performed by Sellers based on the Seller’s Gig and customer care. Sellers may determine the amount of revisions offered to Buyers, including no revisions.”

Personally, I don’t offer revisions. If the buyer wants a revision I offer them an extra.

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yeah.but since I am a new seller I thought its better to offer unlimited revisions because I also found that some of the top rated sellers in my category are offering unlimited revisions. So it might be difficult to draw buyers attention on my gig.

Anyway thanks for the help man. :+1:

You’re a new seller, offering $5 (?) gigs … and these two things attract scummy sellers, as well as lovely ones. Be careful.

actually its only works for level two seller or TRS.
those who are new seller like me, they obviously give revision to satisfy their buyer :slight_smile:

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Yeah I will make some changes now.

Yeah I also think the same. I think as a new sellers we have to provide atleast a few revisions free or we might lose some buyers. :neutral_face:

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@aalapk yeah, up to final delivery revisions countable

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maximum new seller do this kind of stuff when they are unique in this,
when they get some good level, they don’t give free revision.

when I open my first id on 2017,
I see all of these things