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Question about rights

I’m new to the world of freelancing and I’m getting jobs where I’m writing compositions and musical arrangements for buyers here on Fiverr. How can I ensure that I still own the composition/arrangement that I deliver to the client? They can record it (in which case they own the recording), broadcast it, stream it, sell it, but since I contributed the arrangement I believe that I should be getting royalties from that. In that case, what should the agreement be? Do I just register the composition/arrangement in my country like I always do and inform the client in the offer that that’s the agreement? What is the best way to communicate that? Should we both sign a document for that? Also, which laws apply here? I’m in Europe, but I have clients from other countries. I guess the laws of the country where it’s recorded apply? I’m not sure… Please help me out if you have experience with that, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you!


Hi, you need to speak with the customer support to have a clear answers. Also I would suggest you to speak with a lawyer in your country that will be able to give your a answer and go over the Fiverr terms of services.

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This is a tricky question. The over-simplified answer is: you set the conditions.

Per the Fiverr Tos:


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