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Question about royalty free music use

My gig is voice over, and on some of my work I’ve used music from the incompetech and ben sound websites. These sites let you use the music but require you to credit them. Since I can’t credit them in the audio, I put a note about in my description as the sites dictated. Now Fiverr has flagged me for having a website link in the description. I’ve removed it so it’s ‘pending review’ now. If you also use music like this, how do you credit the site and not have this issue? Any help is super appreciated! Really nervous now that they’ll pull my gig or something :confused:

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The best way is to find music with creative commons “public domain” or CC0 license. Or find someone that will create original music for you here on fiverr, thats the best. You can also buy a non exclusive license on stock platforms like audiojungle or shutterstock.

There is no way using music inside fiverr with “attribution” license, since even though they are free, you are obliged to cite the website and the createor thus advertising someone outside of fiverr. Its against ToS.


Thanks for the info. I’ll look it up

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