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Question about sharing gigs on social media

Hey folks, hope you’re having a good sales day!

This is probably something where I just "missed the memo"

In the “My Gigs” screen there is a drop-down next to each gig to share it.

Previously, it would make a custom shortened tracking url and you would paste that into whatever.

Now when I click on the “share” link in the dropdown, it takes me to the gig page with a URL like the following name?arrived_from_manage_gigs=true&display_share=true

Is that really what I’m supposed to share now? The “arrived_from_manage_gigs=true” really makes me raise an eyebrow.

Wow, so you just help people on the forum as a hobby?
I mean you’ve got to be the most active person on here.

Actually you can block someone from ordering with a “report spam.” That’s what i was referring to when I mentioned we never conversed outside the forum. We hadn’t pissed each other off with a gig gone awry. (lol, probably the two least-likely people for that to happen to on Fiverr.)

Reply to @kjblynx: Sorry to necro this thread. Are your gigs active? When I tried to view your gigs I get an “I’m currently not available for orders.” and it shows that you last delivered 11 months ago?

I don’t think we’ve ever conversed outside the forum, so I’d doubt either of us have blocked each other… Just thought I let you know how you’re showing when I try to view your gigs.