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Question About Social Media Shoutouts

We regularly see users who’ve had their gigs removed, or even their accounts blocked for offering gigs which promote buyers’ services on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Third party terms of service violations are cited, and that’s pretty much it, which I can understand because all of these platforms offer paid promotions themselves and don’t want Fiverr sellers to be getting the money they could be, I assume.

However, what isn’t clear to me is why there is a section in Fiverr called ‘Influencer Marketing’ which has a sub-category called ‘Shoutouts & Promotion’ which would seem to be the place to advertise exactly these services for the SM platforms I mentioned and several more.

Get your message seen by the all right people, in the all right places is the category tagline.

My question - why have a section specifically aimed at a service which appears to be against the ToS?

If this isn’t the case, then what can users do to make sure their gigs are within the ToS and they won’t get removed/blocked etc.?


You points out some good thing. I also want to know!

I’m not sure if this is the only reason, but it’s certainly a big part of the problem, so here goes:

There are sellers selling likes, followers, subscribers, and so on, thus violating the terms of service of the social media. Since selling those things directly would get their gigs (and possibly their accounts) removed pretty fast, for a while, they used to word it “I will promote your service until you get 1,000 likes” or whatever while still selling likes. Soon it became obvious what they were doing (meaning removed gigs/banned accounts), so they switched to offering promotion and shoutouts while still actually selling likes/followers/subscribers/whatever.

I’m not saying that everyone offering shoutouts is using “shoutout” as a cover for “get 10,000,000,000 likes in 1 day”, but it wouldn’t be the first time that honest sellers get in trouble because of those who repeatedly break the rules.


Interestingly, there’s also a sub-category for ‘email’ as a platform, which I always thought was against ToS as well.

If there’s going to be a category for it, perhaps there needs to be a better explanation of what can be offered and what can’t?

I’ve looked up gigs before in the Google cache which have been removed (mainly out of nosiness!) and they do seem like genuine gigs where all they’re offering to do is a shoutout to however many fans or followers.

We then say ‘can’t do that - 3rd party ToS’ etc. when it seems that isn’t actually the case. :wink:

Yes. There should be a better explanation for the categories. Well, they are revamping some of them so maybe it will come for the SM shoutouts as well :slight_smile:

The way I understand is that

  • If you give someone 1000 likes on any platform then it’s forbidden
  • However, if you promote a product or a service and as a result of that they get 1000 likes then it’s OK. It can be anything starting from featuring a YouTube video in your own blog up to sending promo email that links to FB page.

If I need someone to promote my Divi tutorials on YouTube, then I would hire a person who is a trusted member of a group of WP developers to recommend my videos through a shoutout. It’s up to each group member if they follow that link and if they do visit my videos then it’s up to them to decide if they like it or not. I wouldn’t be buying likes, I would be buying exposure to a targeted audience.


This was the explanation given when the category was first introduced:

However, I have seen gigs which seemed to offer these very services being removed, and 3rd party ToS violation being used as the reason.

It just seems confusing - it should either be allowed, or it shouldn’t.

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We don’t know the full story. Gig description says one thing, but the service delivered is something different. Most likely they were removed because someone raised a concern and it might have been one of the unhappy customers who didn’t get what they paid for.

Then again, mistakes happen and I’m sure there are cases where Fiverr closes the account without a proper investigation.

I agree that it could use some further explanation, but I’m thinking that most of those accounts were closed with a valid reason and I’m sure the seller knew what he/she was doing.

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Ah well - it just makes it clear to me that not every service which is offering social media promotion is in fact breaking the ToS of Fiverr and the user may be following the rules completely - if anyone can actually work out what the rules are! :slightly_smiling_face:


The trouble with a more specific explanation is that people will always find a way to circumvent the rules. That’s what happened with likes and similar offerings, no, I’m not selling likes, I just offer promotion…


But if there isn’t a clear explanation how can anybody know what is/isn’t allowed?

It’s like the whole homework/assignment thing - there’s no mention of it in the ToS, but it’s not allowed. How are users supposed to know that unless they put a gig up, have it removed, and then be told it’s against the ToS, even though it’s not mentioned in the ToS?

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I guess that some of it falls under fraudulent services (helping someone cheat at school), and some goes under third party terms of service violation (with sellers being responsible for knowing the ToS of the third party sites).

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Interesting and valid points.

Do I Dare I ask if you’ve written to CS for clarification? :no_mouth:

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No I haven’t I’m afraid - I suppose I’d just get sent to the ToS which is as clear as mud regarding third party ToS etc. :wink:

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Hmm :thinking:

Which brings me to the communication via ■■■■■/WHATSAPP/AIM/YAHOO MSGR - wait those last two no longer exists. :sweat_smile: However, it’s very conflicting too. Especially if a user read this bit. :small_red_triangle_down:

To protect our users’ privacy, user identities are kept anonymous. Requesting or providing Email addresses, ■■■■■/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details to communicate outside of Fiverr in order to circumvent or abuse the Fiverr messaging system or Fiverr platform is not permitted.

All information and file exchanges must be performed exclusively on Fiverr’s platform.

To a new user or old for that matter, it’s very confusing.:dizzy_face:

So, I find myself advising people to reach out to CS to ask for permission.

It’s just too many grey areas.



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