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Question about starting a gig


I would like to offer a web design gig on Fiver. My company usually charges 129.00 for the first 5 hours of design and consultation. After that there is a monthly fee that ranges from 39-129 a month depending on what the client needs. I would love to offer a gig that would give people 5 hours of design for 5 dollars. However once the initial design and consultation is complete I couldn’t possibly spend another 20 hours on the site for just 5 dollars. I am wondering if I offer the initial 129 package for fiver clients for 5 dollars will I be violating any Fiver rules by including a monthly fee for clients that want to use my design? Hope this question makes sense :slight_smile:


I love Fiver so much so I really dont want to get kicked out :slight_smile: I have already fixed 3 websites for people that purchased 5 dollar sites on fiver and they where horrible. I didnt charge anything to fix those sites. I think I could rock at this gig if I could find a way to keep it with in the fiver guidelines.


Thank you for the advice I am going to put my pic up today :slight_smile: Maybe if I offer a landing page or homepage for fiver and going forward they would have to hire me - i dunno I really think I can do well and help a lot of people I just need to word it right so Fiver is cool with it.